AuthorityTech: An invite-only hybrid PR firm.

What We Do

AuthorityTech specializes in results-driven PR within the startup technology landscape. We've worked with clients ranging from pre-seed all the way up to $200 million+ in funding. Our approach is simple, we deliver tangible media opportunities or you don't pay. PR has finally met a new friend named results.


We believe all great companies start out with the premise of solving a major problem. We, at AuthorityTech, are no exception. Working with dozens of high-growth startups to assist in their PR efforts, we realized there was a major problem...

The Problem

Startups currently have very few options when it comes to generating quality, consistent, high-value exposure. Most PR firms charge insanely high retainers, base their engagements off of their "hourly" work, and guarantee nothing aside from giving it "their best shot."

The Solution

We realized the old model of PR was dead. Companies don't care how many hours we work, or how hard we "try" to generate quality exposure in the media. They care about results. Therefore, we flipped the old school model on its head...Instead of charging hourly for our time, we decided to charge based on tangible results. Rather than wait for clients to get onboarded to pitch journalists, we decided to build a machine to pitch talented technology journalists BEFORE our clients came onboard. The result? Better media opportunities, in less time, for less fees.

Our Process

We believe we've turned quality PR into a science. Here are the three phases we've mastered on the pathway to solidifying your company as the #1 authority in its market.

Phase One - Viral Narratives

The first phase relates to creating a story that people actually care about. You can only talk about the nuts and bolts of your tech for so long before people are on to the next "shiny object." People don't relate to technology, they relate to people. Even deeper than that, they relate to stories. Therefore, we make it our first priority to create a story worth telling for your brand. This is the foundation of good PR, and luckily for you, our team of content experts work with you closely to bring your "viral narrative" to fruition.

Phase Two - Viral Publications

Now that we have a story worth telling, it's time to amplify it with the biggest publications in the world. We do this by presenting your story to our vast network of close connections, which consists of pre-vetted journalists based on their status, readership, and influence. Once the story is accepted, we let you know and the work begins to secure more and more until the story and your brand are seen all over the biggest names in media. By this point, your brand is not only taken seriously, but it is seen as the go-to authority in your space.

Phase Three - Industry Domination

Now that we've secured some of the biggest publications, it's time to mix in the smaller (but still incredibly valuable) trade media platforms. Using our patented software technology, we can generate anywhere from 20 to 100 organic media pickups per MONTH. Now, not only do you have the big names under your belt, but you've also got hundreds of industry-specific publications talking about you as well.

The Result

If we extend the invite and deliver on our three-phase process, there are four main objectives that will be met:

  • Your domain authority will skyrocket, causing your domain to rank at the top of Google

  • You will rank far above your competitors for keywords relating to your product/service

  • Your credibility will be leagues above any competitor, resulting in more/easier customer aquistion, investor funding, and organic traffic/reach

  • You will become THE dominant player in your market

Meet the A-Team

Our team's diverse background is our secret sauce. We're nimble, quick, and adaptable to the newest forms of technology - similar to our clients.

Contact Us

We focus on creating highly intensive relationships with our clients, and therefore are very picky with who we work with. If you are interested in potentially working together, please send an inquiry to the email below.